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                                                                              • In July 2010,  Jolighting was formally established  in No 83. Yishen Road, Shipai Bacheng Town Kunshan City with registered capital of 10 million RM and 40 employees.
                                                                              • In October 2010, induction lamp lighting source workshop started production.
                                                                              • In December 2010,  ballast workshop built 4 modern production lines.
                                                                              • In April 2011,  lamp fixture workshop started to operate which marks Jolighting has entered the new era of integrated factory system of lighting source, electronic ballast and fixture.
                                                                              • In December 2011,  Jolighting’s annual sales exceeded 15 million REM, and staff number exceeded 100. Products have been passed with CCC, UL and CE these domestic and foreign certificates.
                                                                              • In April 2012,  glass tubes manufacture workshop was built which achieved the goal of complete self-sufficiency lamp tubes.
                                                                              • In June 2012, Jolighting prepared application for national New High-tech Enterprises.
                                                                              • In November 2013, Jolighting passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system.
                                                                              • In May 2014, company awarded Identification of private scientific and technological enterprises in Jiangsu Province.
                                                                              • In June 2014, company awarded Certification of New Hi-tech Enterprises and identified by Jiangsu SME.
                                                                              • In October 2014, company completed Construction of R & D institutions in Kunshan City and passed identification.
                                                                              • In December 2014,  company was identified by Suzhou City Construction Engineering Technology Center and passed identification.
                                                                                Company was passed by Jiangsu Province integrity Enterprise standard inspection.
                                                                              • In April 2015, company passed Kunshan City contract and trustworthy enterprises inspection.
                                                                              • In November 2015, Jolighting LED High Bay Light awarded Provincial Hi-tech Products. Meanwhile completed application for this product’s provincial innovation fund project.     
                                                                              • In December 2015,  SMT workshop formally put into use.
                                                                              • In December 2015, company sales exceeds 40 million RMB.
                                                                              • In April 2016, company passed inspection of tertiary safety standards for industry and trade Corp.
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