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                                                                              Induction Lamp Nason LED(Energy Saving) AC-HV(Driverless) 

                                                                              JR efficient energy-saving low-frequency induction lamps get many international and domestic quality certificates, enlarging the market development work in full swing, and exploring the international and......

                                                                              With two years' fast development, Nason lighting has become one of the famous manufacturer of LED industrial lights in China. Our products has been exported to more than 60 countries…… 

                                                                              AC-HV LED series are low-energy consumption with high-performance AC LED drivers. HC-HV LED series is the first single-chip for high-voltage LED power supply with mass production proved……

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                                                                               High Bay in Aeolus Tyre Factory Gimpo Tunnel in South Korea Brazil Manaus Supermarket
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                                                                              Garden Light Egpyt Square Project High Power Flood In Golf Court Basketball Court in USA
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                                                                              Canopy Light in Petrol Station Wall Pack Light In USA Induction High Bay In Japan
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