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                                                                              AC-HV Technology 


                                                                              AC-HV LED series are low-energy consumption with high-performance AC LED drivers.AC-HV LED series is the first
                                                                              single-chip for high-voltage LED power supply with mass production proved.The creative structure discards the electrolytic capacitors and transformers which are LED lamp life bottleneck. AC-HV LED enables a low cost, small size ,stable performance, long life LED lighting drive. AC-HV LED integrates all the necessary components, driven directly by the AC.

                                                                              By external resistors ,four LED segment current can be set separately ,which improves LED utilization and THD.AC-HV LED based drive has ideal power supply parameters such as power factor, efficiency, THD,EMI. Which are compatible with different brands of TRIAC dimmers, and support analog 0-10V dimming.This low-cost drive system uses a few components ,for example a 20-watt power supply only needs 10 components.  


                                                                              With external MOSFET, single-chip can control the power up to 50W.Integrated MOS version, Single chip supports 25W.Creative constant lumens control ,can adapt to the input voltage change to maintain a constant input power and output luminous flux.AC-HV LED is more economical than the DC solution in costs and bring a smaller size power systems.AC-HV LED series of product with high efficiency ,high power, low EMI, high reliability ,long life and other advantages ,is ready for mass production.LED lamps based on AC-HV LED series, can pass CE UL CCC etc certification. Please refer to the test report.




                                                                              New structure, creative linear constant current driver, Compared with the SMPS, no EMI filters, reducing the size and cost.New structure, creative linear constant current driver, Compared with the SMPS, no EMI  filters,reducing the size and cost.


                                                                              No electrolytic capacitors ,real long life, can match LED life of up to 5-10years,Compatible with a variety TRIAC dimming,dimming depth 5% non-blinking.

                                                                              Small size ,easy assembly and optical design.

                                                                              Single-chip solution, minimum peripheral devices, reducing the proportion of device failure, MTBF for a long time.

                                                                              Simple BOM reduces inventory management and purchase issues.

                                                                              All SMD components , Easy to manufacture ,lower manufacturing cost.

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